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We are enterprise support:

At Soluciones 506, we specialize in outsourced services, outsourcing and facilities, providing the best solution to the needs of your company with high effectiveness and efficiency by absorbing all the operational management of the service.

Company Brief (PDF)

We grow according to your needs

Our main interest is to become facilitators of business support, providing our experience and ability to work in the service of each of our clients.

We solve their more diverse problems and needs with serious and responsible work.

Do you need a specialized service? Call us and leave us we take care.

Providing solutions

We support our customers with advantages and opportunities that differentiate them from their competitors.
We specialize in business support, providing the best solution to the needs of your company with high effectiveness and efficiency.

Our mission:

"At Soluciones 506 we provide outsourced services other than the line of business of our clients, in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner."

Our actions in susteinability

New fuel efficient fleet, with the carbon footprint mitigation using the Costa Rican’s Ecomarchamos.

Evaluation and mitigation of our operational carbon footprint..

Follow-up of environmental issues, related to everyday operation consumption: electricity, paper, water and recycling materials.

Voluntary work sessions as part of our Program of Corporate Social Responsibility: reforestation and communal support to embrace our power to make a change and collaborate with urban initiatives to make a greener and less carbon footprint city.

Green purchases: we use biodegradable cleaning products like Florex and electronic efficient equipment, to mitigate our impact in the environment.

During the day, our offices and fleet site use only natural lighting thanks to their bioclimatic design and at night we only use LED efficient lighting.

Soluciones 506 works with ANKIDS Preschool to accomplished Blue Ecological Flag, Education category, in which has been already an award winner with 4 of 5 stars.

We have a strategic alliance with the Corporative Development Association (AED), supporting and working on the sustainability in our operation and with our supply chain. .

Achievements and Activities

We proudly continue working in increasing our quality operation improvements, to keep an excellent service and decrease our environmental impacts. That’s why Soluciones 506 have the commitment to integrate the ethical, social, safety and environmental criteria in the business strategy. We’re proud of our work and achievements and we’re inspired by the positive impact we’re seeing.

As a leader in the executive transportation industry, Soluciones 506 takes an extra social effort with a sustainable approach to business and we work with our partners to reach and exceed our supply-chain sustainability goals.


Why choose us?

  Award-winning the Bandera Azul Ecológica (Ecological Blue Flag), where we are committed to being a company with green practices and upgrade to carbon neutrality.

  Members of the Asociación Empresarial para el Desarrollo (Business Association for Development), A.E.D, with whom we bring to the management of social and environmental responsibility in the country.

  We are a 100% Costa Rican company.

  We have over 10 years of experience.

  We are constituted by staff professional, dynamic and flexible orientation towards business.

  We are a supplier that adapts to the requirements of multinational and local clients.

  We grow and mold us to the challenges of our customers.

  Our business approach is the continued satisfaction of our customers.

Our strong points


  Operate with pressure

  Working with enthusiasm

  Encourage the simplicity

  Operational and productive quality



  Exceptional customer service

  Value added

  Cost reduction

  Simplification of processes

  Customer focus on their core busines

We invite you to make a strategic alliance with us

The advantages that contribute to a strategic alliance of companies, include:

• Overcome trade barriers in a new market, or face the current competitively.
• The contribution may consist of raw materials, capital, technology, knowledge of the market, sales and channels of distribution, staff or products.
• This alliance will not involve the loss of identity and individuality as a legal entity.

Our alliances:

Important information:

    • Solidarity

    • ASO506

      • As part of the ASO506 functions, is to provide social and economic benefits to its members, establish agreements, meet the needs of its members, offer the service of loans, many more savings and benefits.

        With a commitment to provide our partners and their families, innovative benefits, high quality with agility and efficiency.
    • Ecological
      Blue Flag

    • Award-winning

      • Our company is awarded by the Bandera Azul Ecológica (Ecological Blue Flag) program, in the category Actions to Face the Climate Change.

        We are known for guiding our environmental responsibility within a framework of sustainability, continuously improving our environmental performance .

    • Bandera Azul Ecológica
    • Success

    • Experience

      • Many have chosen us, now there are cases of success.
        We are specialists in the implementation and execution of general services for multinational companies in various sectors (export processing zones, area of health, call centers, centers of global service, industry and banks, public and private sector, and others).

        We master standards and policies of corporations that operate globally, managing to fit the needs of our customers for their operations in the country.
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    • Communication

      • Thank you for contacting us. Please consult us or provide us with any suggestions. Our staff will attend to your request as soon as possible.

      • Email:

      • Location:
        Costa Rica, the greater Metropolitan Area (San Jose, Cartago, Heredia and Alajuela).

      • Phones:
        (+506) 2239-9506
        (+506) 2239-9507
        (+506) 2239-9508
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